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2015 - 2016

Jet d'Eau mobile walkway

©Adrien Barakat

MID architecture, INGENI

Award of contract
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©Adrien Barakat
The project

This special object was designed as a part of a larger project called the "Esplanade du Jet d'Eau". The esplanade runs for a distance of about 200 m from the wharf to the rotunda around the Jet d’Eau. The decking is about 4 m wide and is made from solid oak beams sourced exclusively from the forests of Geneva. 

©Adrien Barakat
The project

Thirty metres from the wharf, the esplanade crosses an access channel to the port for small vessels. To maintain the fluidity of the space, we designed a whole new type of walkway. The structure rises like a wave to let boats go through, without interrupting the flow of pedestrians who can keep on walking.


Structural Award 2017 for Pedestrian Bridges
Golden Prize, Building Award 2017
Prize for infrastructure, Building Award 2017
American Architecture Prize 2017, Public & Other Architecture

©Adrien Barakat
12 m

0.8 M.
©Adrien Barakat