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2010 - 2014

EPFL - SwissTech Convention Center

Lausanne, Vaud
Awarded project
"Prix Acier 2014" - Steel Award SZS - Distinction
©Fernando Guerra
EPFL, Crédit Suisse, HRS

RDR architectes

Award of contract

The project

Situated at the northern entrance to the EPFL campus, the SwissTech Convention Center becomes a new landmark, a clearly identifiable reference point in the landscape. The metallic shell, closely following the internal spatial configuration of the optimised main auditorium, seems to float over the glazed facades that enclose both the auditorium and the foyer, allowing a maximum of daylight to penetrate the inner spaces.

©Fernando Guerra

The convention center roof, 67 m wide and 116 m long and cantilevered some 40 m above the foyer, represents the structural jewel in the crown of this Building. The close collaboration between engineers and architects began very early in the project's design phase.

166'000 m3

120 M.
©Yves André
©Yves André